Ghost Walk Tour

Friday Night Ghost Walk Tour – $16.00

(Price increases to $20.00 after 6/30, then must be purchased at the tour initiation site)

On Friday, the night before the event, we are offering an “Ocala Ghost Walk Tour” from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM to get folks in the mood for frightful fun. This popular evening walking tour is full of historical (the city for incorporated in 1885) references and spooky events. And yes, you visit places where spirits have been experienced!
Are you ready for a possible encounter with the paranormal? Grab your camera because you never know what cool images you may capture! Want to use your FLIR or EVP recorder? Sure, bring it along.

Ocala Ghost Walks introduces the realm of possibility to both the greatest enthusiast the most daring skeptics of the paranormal.
Catherine Wendell; Ocala Ghost Walks & Historical Tours owner has seen and sensed spirits her whole life. She has lived and worked in the Ocala Historic area for many years.

For years Catherine has been saying how much paranormal exists in the Fort King Street area and Ocala itself. This has allowed many people to truly experience and learn about the supernatural history of Ocala.

Eleven of those years were at the Seven Sisters Inn which has been famously acclaimed haunted by several television shows. One of which was Sci-Fi channel “TAPS Ghost Hunters” show. Several others have come including Angela Alderman from “GHI”, Robb Demarest from “GHI”, Patrick Burns, from “Haunting Evidence”, Kristyn Gartland from “GH”, Chip Coffey from “Psychic Kids” and “Paranormal State” and Darkness Dave from “Darkness Radio”.

A complimentary bottle of cold water will be available before and after the Ghost Walk Tour.
A discount at the meet-up venue Ice Cream shop is provided to all paid attendees.
The price is higher at the Ghost Walk if you do not purchase tickets ahead of time.

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